Nikon Plotnik


BLACKWELL TX 79506-1807


325-236-3157 (Cell)




About Me

* Wind Turbine Technician/Commissioner *
* Master Auto/Truck/Tractor/Rv's Technician *
* Computer Hardware/Networking/Graphics *

I was employed in the Wind Turbine Industry at different roles. I believe that the skills give to me more knowledge that I acquired to make a good fit at lots different positions, paired with the Technically skills that I have developed working in other industries make me a good fit for your organization.
In addition to my work experience, I am a skilled professional who possesses strong work ethic. I am a well organized, I am a highly motivated and dedicated professional with the ambition to succeed in all aspects of life, focused and highly motivated individual. I am positive and friendly and quickly build confidence with colleagues and clients.
I am more than willing to learn whatever duties a job entitles me.
Finally, in all the previous positions I have held, I have approached them as opportunities for personal development and career advancement.
I will bring the same enthusiasm and vision to your organization.
It is my sincere hope that we will meet for an interview to discuss any questions you may have and a future for me. Of course, feel free to call or e-mail me to schedule an interview.
Thank you for your time and consideration, and best regards.

Personal Skills:
• Major strengths in planning, problem solving and communication - An experienced team builder, bringing enthusiasm and energy into group efforts.
• Professional demeanor - demonstrates competence in professional and social settings.
• Honest, friendly - interacts effectively with individuals of all levels.
• Well organized and efficient. Can quickly learn new procedures and methods.
• Able to work under pressure and please clients under all circumstances.
• Self motivated, goal oriented strategist whose confidence, perseverance and vision promote success!




Work Experience

English, Spanish



* Wind Turbine Technician/Commissioner *
* Master Auto/Truck/Tractor/Rv's Technician *
* Computer Hardware/Networking/Graphics *

Glacier Wind, MT USA
* Tech Improvement - Maintenance.
Clipper Liberty 2.5
GE - 1.5 MW

2009-System 3 Inc
Langford Wind Farm
Christoval,TX USA
* Electrical installer, DTE / Rotor & Stator, GE - 1.5 MW,

2009- GSI
Fowler Ridge Wind Farm
Fowler,IN USA
* Commissioner Technician, Clipper Liberty - 2.5 MW

2008/2009 -GSI
Crystal Lake,IA
* Commissioner Technician, Clipper Liberty - 2.5 MW

Spirit Lake,IA
* Commissioner Technician, Clipper Liberty - 2.5

2008/ March
System 3 Inc
Turkey Track, Nolan TX
* Electrical Installer, DTE / Rotor & Stator, GE - 1.5 MW tower

Mac Adoo, TX
* Electrical installer, DTE / Rotor & Stator, GE 1.5 tower,

System 3 Inc
Benton, Indiana
* Electrical Installer, DTE / Rotor & Stator, GE - 1.5 MW Tower,
T/Desk ,Bus Bar

2007/ October deck/2007 D.H.Blattner Stanton, TX
Stanton, TX wind project
* General Labor, Off load GE - 1.5 MW wind turbine, all Tower section, to ground.
Blade & Rotor Assembly
Erection Tower Base & Middle.

Peetz, Colorado D.H.Blattner Peetz, CO
* Electrical Installer, Down Tower Cable
DTE / Rotor & Stator, T/Deck, GE - 1,5 MW Tower

Feb 2007 - May 2007
sterling, CO (US)
Holloways GM Buick Toyota
* Master Auto/Truck/Tractor/Rv's Technician
Expanded quality service team.
Excellent team participation.

Jun 2005 - Feb 2007
sterling, CO (US)
* Master Auto/Truck/Tractor/Rv's Technician  & Sales Representative
Expanded territorial sales and service
Received company’s highest service quality
Developed Excellence in Services and Team work
Maintenance all equipment hydraulic, electrical & mechanical.

Mar 2000 - Jun 2005
los Angeles, CA (US) Part Time
BK Computers
* Cable Installer, General Labor and Services
Network, Phone, Optical Fiber, Cable TV, Digital & analog Phone systems.
Video Edit.( Adobe Premiere)

Nov 1989 - Jun 2005
Anaheim hills, CA (US)
Mountain View Tires & Service/Goodyear
* Master Auto/Truck/Tractor/Rv's Technician 
Full service mechanic
Great work on team
Work in 12 location from this Company
Help to grow customer at new locations




Airstreams Training Services

Wind Turbine Technical Training Course

Cert# ATS-103 Technical Training 08/15/2008

Electrical Measurement safety

Multimeters ,Amp Clamps, Voltage Pens, Megohmmeters

Compressed Gas safety & Accumulator Re-charge procedures

Hydraulics, Soldering

Fiber Optical

Wind Turbine Mechanical Systems

Wind Turbine Electrical Systems

PLC’s & Control Algorithms

Sub-Station and transformers

Wind Turbine Schematics

Troubleshooting Techniques and procedures

Service Reporting

Rotor Construction / Airfoils

Blade Pitch and Balancing

Scada and Data analysis Meteorology

Wind Turbine Power Curves


 Tower Rescue


EHS 2008.

EHS 2009.

American Red Cross 2008

First Aids Course



Safety training Course 10Hs completed

Clipper Wind Power

Safety class over 30Hs

MLS System

Blade Pitch System


Over 30 Hs attended a Safety Meeting on 2007/Class

DTA installer Rotors & Stator , T/Deck Bus Bar on Field

Erection Towers, Base & Middle setup, Class & Field

Off Loading GE towers Class & Field

Blade & Rotor Assembly Class and Field

PPE & Safety team work. Class and Field


1997–1998 C.M.I. CA State University Irvine , CA

Microsoft Office Specialist, Computers trainer.

Graduated high level in all class.

1994–1997 Video Producers. Los Angeles, CA

 Adobe Premiere.

 Adobe Acrobat.

 Adobe Photoshop.

1993–1994 ROP Alhambra, CA

Computer ITT

 Hardware, network, software installer.

1992–1993 ROP Alhambra, CA

Computer Repairs

 PC & Mac computer repair.

1990–1991 ROP Alhambra, CA

Clean Air Specialist

 Auto Smog Check System.

19791981 University Lomas de Zamora Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lawyer ( NO Gradúate).

1973–1978 School # 1 Industrial Buenos Aires, Argentina

High School

High School mixed mechanical, electrical and handy work included.

19661972 Juan B Alberdi Buenos Aires, Argentina

Elementary School.